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APA 'authors and critics' session

recording of APA authors and critics
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Recording of the December 2006 debate between Max Bennet & Peter Hacker and Dan Dennett & John Searle

Debate with Ray Dolan and Nikolas Rose at LSE 

The Ethics of the Cognitive Sciences
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Debate at the LSE, 20. 1. 2014

The Ethics of Cognitive Science: what the brain can tell us about the mind


The nature of the mind at the Royal Institution of Philosophy 


Dialogue on the Nature of the Mind, delivered at the Royal Institute of Philosophy, 7th February, 2014

The challenge of crypto-Cartesianism at St Anne's College


Are persons brains? The challenge of crypto-Cartesianism: P.M.S. Hacker and Raymond Tallis - conference at St Anne's College, Oxford, 2012 under the auspices of the Ian Ramsey Centre

Buddhism and Science


'Buddhism and Science 10: response by Peter Hacker


On Having a Mind, Having a Body, and Being a Person

What precisely is a person? And how is the person related to the mind and body? Eminent Oxford philosopher Peter Hacker pieces together the jigsaw puzzle that is the human being.

The End of Ideas

A century ago Freud, Russell, and Einstein were at the height of their intellectual activity, but today where are the equivalents? Has celebrity obliterated the intellectual or is something more serious afoot?  Can we create a new Age of Enlightenment ?


The new romantics

Should we be celebrating the end of rationality in favor of a more romantic sensibility? Or are we, in the words of J.G. Ballard, ‘re-primitivizing’ ourselves and entering an age of magic, unreason and romantic superstition?

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